‘The Art and Science of Parenting’ Howth, Dublin 30 June – 1 July 2012

Thank you everyone who attended the course, and thank you Anna, Ina and Ian for everything that you did to bring the course about (and for inviting me)!

We focused on NVC with young children (under five years old) in this group. I remember that the importance of self-connection for us as parents, and tools that NVC offers to achieve this, has come up a lot during this course. I also remember, how working with ‘No’ with young children and use of force and sharing power in NVC has generated a lot of interest, discussion, questions, and provided and lot of food for thought and supported practice in the group.

We have used different methods for practicing listening from our hearts and sharing from our hearts, including crayons, toys and storytelling.

If you missed this course and curious about when another course is happening, check this page out for a list of courses and talks in Ireland and the UK.

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