‘The Art and Science of Parenting’ Galway 23-24 June 2012

Huge thanks to Olwen Rowe for organising this course, and for everyone who attended for their making time in their busy lives to work with the themes and situations around parenting.

Once everyone practiced the ‘building blocks’ of NVC using some practical examples, we worked on a variety of real-life parenting situations, in a variety of formats. I feel humbled remembering the level of trust and openness in the group – and trust in me as a facilitator. A variety of ages of children that the group participants had meant that there was a variety of situations, and it was possible to see the versatility of NVC as a method and possibilities of using it with different age groups (inculding adults :)!), under different circumstances.

Special thanks to Claire and Olwen for all their help and support in logistics and practicalities: it  really supported me and  contributed to much ease in me during this weekend. I remember pretty much everyone in the group commenting how much they enjoyed the teas and the snacks (tasty, nutritious and beautiful – I still remember these raw chocolate truffles – thank you so much Olwen!). We also really appreciated the venue we had – the space, lightness and airiness (thank you so much Deidre and Sinead at Devon Holistic Centre).

If you missed this course and are curious about when another course is happening, check this page out for a list of courses and talks in Ireland and the UK. We are planning a course in Cork, Ireland on 15-16 September 2012.

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