Thank you and farewell to Marshall Rosenberg, NVC Founder

лилии Hearing of Marshall Rosenberg’s passing on 7 February 2015, I am so sad and grateful. Sad that Marshall’s immediate presence is gone from this world. Grateful, for Marshall’s legacy, amongst which are the Center for Nonviolent Communication, Marshall’s writings, his influence on his “students”, including my fellow CNVC Certified Trainers, who share NVC around the world and help others to improve their life.

I sit here contemplating how Marshall’s work improved my family life and my work life. Thanks to NVC, in my family, we now have more ways to keep building trust and understanding. Where we’d shout or give each other silent treatment before NVC, now we can find ways to hear each other and win-win solutions that help avoid conflict. Or, if the conflict happens, now, with NVC, we have more means to repair it and remember how much we value each other. I remember the occasions when my kids suggested that we use “Feelings and Needs Cards” (a part of my NVC teaching toolkit 🙂 ) in a tight spot to help us understand each other and find a way out :). And also, the skills that I learnt from Marshall’s books and trainings with his students help me to help other parents to improve their family lives. And the same skills allow me to help those who work with families to enable them to support these families more fully.

So I am writing this in great awe and humility of what Marshall has left us. NVC, the Center for Nonviolent Communication, his writings, the mediation and conflict resolution work that he did in various places (including Northern Ireland, Israel and Palestine).

You can read more about Marshall’s life and passing below (quoted from here  , by Dominic Barter, President, Center for Nonviolent Communication ).


It is with great emotion that I write to tell you that Marshall Rosenberg passed from this life 3 days ago, on Saturday, February 7th.

He passed peacefully at home, with his wife Valentina – who shared the news with me a few minutes ago – and all his children by his side.

I know no way to describe the impact this man had on so many people —for his work and for his being, and for the extraordinary power the balance between these two unleashed. He was a beloved teacher to countless people on every continent, people whose hearts were touched and shone with the possibility his work made tangible.

To many of you reading he was also an inspired and inspiring colleague who changed the course of your lives and brought an inestimable sense of meaning and the potential for transformation to every area of your world. And who, at each moment, did this with utmost simplicity, humility and humanness.

In great mourning, and with the most profound reverence and soaring gratitude for the spirit he released in us, and whose light we carry forwards,

Dominic, President, CNVC Board


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