Pictures at an Exhibition… or, it’s been raining LOVE :)

Heart to Heart Connection attended a Natural Parenting Fair at Horsforth on Saturday 18 February. It was fun! Thank you Anna and the team for putting all effort and care into organising it (and special thanks to Sally for the care and kindness in bringing me a piece of dairy-free carrot cake 🙂 ).

I have really enjoyed chatting to all friends old and new and talking to everyone who has come up to the stall. I loved seeing all children of all ages around, too, and so many slings – on the stalls and on the parents.

I also want to say HUGE THANKS to Irene, my friend and favourite graphic designer and artist Irene for translating my sketch of a banner into such a beautiful, vibrant graphic image – and for all her support in getting it to me in time for the exhibition!

My only regret is that I left a bit early and did not stay till the very end (although it was towards the end when I did leave :). My younger daughter got fairly sick, and I wanted to get back to be with her and nurse her, and to provide some support to my husband (I am feeling really grateful to him and his wonderful parents, who were with the children when I was at the fair). I trusted that everyone who wanted to talk to me about the Parenting Courses and Talks that I offer has had a good chance to do so – if it is not the case and you wanted to talk to me and did not have a chance to, I would love to hear from you either on hearttoheartconnection @ (no spaces), or contact me via my phone in the Contact Details.

I hope very much to be at the fair next year – and to see everyone again :).

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