In memory of Marshall – an offer to you

Dear friends,

You probably know that Marshall Rosenberg has passed away on 7 February 2015. Since then, so many people have been mourning Marshall’s immediate presence leaving this world – and celebrating his work, the difference that it made for so many people all over the world, families, schools and hospitals, amongst other organisations. The difference that just reading one of Marshall’s book, which kickstarted my learning of NVC, has made an ENORMOUS difference to my family and to how I feel and what I do as a mother!

I’m so touched and moved knowing that the commemorative conference call for Marshall has been going for 50+ hours last time I checked. So many of us has been celebrating his work and life and mourning his death at the Facebook Group and lighting candles all over the world to say “good bye” to Marshall and remember him.

Just before finding out about Marshall’s death, I was talking with Micheal De Buitlear about offering an interactive talk for parents about reducing stress and increasing joy in their daily lives with NVC. During the past talks we demonstrated uses of NVC in such situations as negotiating household chores with your partner, getting your older children to bed and navigating disagreements on parenting with mothers-in-law! Remembering the talks brings to my mind the camaraderie and relief in not being alone in these predicaments in the group :).

Knowing that many of us who raise a family also face financial stresses amongst others, I do want to make NVC more accessible to everyone. As I know how much it helped me and my past course participants. For example, see this feedback:
“I don’t know if I can communicate effectively what an improvement NVC has made to my life (and by extension my family’s life)

I no longer take offense from people communicating their feelings, there is still shouting and noise but it’s not as extreme or as aggressive. I feel like I am finally modelling the behavior I would like my children to follow and discussions with my husband are so much more constructive and understanding.

At work I can give much more empathy and even if some of my work relationships have not improved I no longer lose any sleep over it.” (Catherine H)

So with this in mind, I’d love to offer you something that hopefully would make it more doable for you to attend this talk on 24 March. As a way to say thanks to those of you who have attended a course with me before, you are welcome to attend a talk at small contribution towards venue costs and refreshments, EUR5 per person.

And an early bird discount to honour Marshall:

For spaces booked and pre-paid before 12 noon 8 March, you can book two spaces at once for EUR15, that is, ONLY EUR7.5 per person. I believe that the value of this talk (comparing it to talks of similar value) is EUR50-150, so grab your spot(s) at this fantastic value price whilst it lasts.

For spaces booked and pre-paid before 12 noon 8 March, if you only want one space, you can get it for EUR10 per person.

And if you want flexibility, you can book your space (the size of the venue would only allow us to accommodate so many people at once) and give us EUR15 at the door (or you can pre-pay too).

If you are interested, whichever way you want to book, I recommend booking early as the spaces are limited. Here‘s more information on Dublin talk (6.30-8pm, Dublin City Centre, allocated parking is free – turn up 20 minutes before the talk and ask for the key for the car park at the reception).

As always, if you are on income support and would struggle to attend for financial reasons, please get in touch, book your space and just turn up.

I am also keen to offer this in a way that is sustainable for me and accessible to you because I (and my family 🙂 ) will be away from Europe on a work project for at least nine months, from September 2015 to May/June 2016. Rest assured, I’ll be back in May/June 2016 at least for a few months AND it will be a long time without you. Remembering everyone who I met in Ireland through my work (NVC and Trageschule), I feel absolute gratitude and would like to offer this talk and a discount (as well as an option for those on income support to attend it as a gift) as one way to show and say how much I value and appreciate you all 🙂 .

P.S. I am also offering an early bird discount for one-day NVC course “An Oxygen Mask for busy parents” (26 March), grab it whilst it is there :). I believe that it is FANTASTIC value – you get the skills that you can use every day and the whole day costs less than, say, a 1.5 hour mediation session (average cost is £75-£90+ for 1.5 hours, UK CNVC Certified Trainers) between you and your spouse/family member. Why I am comparing it with a cost of mediation call, because, in my experience, when you have and practice NVC skills, it goes a long way to reduce and alleviate the conflicts with those who matter most to you! I hope to see you there :).

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