How can Nonviolent Communication help us enjoy our families more?

What would you get?

  • flowers galwayHave you sometimes had days, as a parent, where it seemed like you either had to do or say things to your children or partner that they took issue with, or else nothing would get done?
  • Have you every had one of those situation developing into hurt feelings and fallouts and more time wasted?
  • Do you wish there was a way to look after everyone’s feelings AND get things done?

Olga mountainIf any of the above sound true to you, I’d be delighted to see you at the talk. Over my years of sharing Nonviolent Communication (NVC), so many parents have been thrilled that NVC helped them to find ways to get things done and strengthen their relationships with the partner, kids and other family members at the same time. If it sounds too good to be true, check out these success stories of those who have been using NVC after learning it with me. Here is one:

“I don’t know if I can communicate effectively what an improvement NVC has made to my life (and by extension my family’s life)

I no longer take offence from people communicating their feelings, there is still shouting and noise but it’s not as extreme or as aggressive. I feel like I am finally modelling the behaviour I would like my children to follow and discussions with my husband are so much more constructive and understanding.

At work I can give much more empathy and even if some of my work relationships have not improved I no longer lose any sleep over it.” (Catherine V, Cork, read more here)

About me: I am a mother of two children (10 years old and 5 years old) and a Certified Trainer with Centre for Nonviolent Communication . I believe that learning NVC can make an ENORMOUS difference to our being able to enjoy our family life, no matter what. I base this belief on my own experience “before” and “after” NVC and the success stories of those who I shared NVC with :). This is why I LOVE sharing NVC with other parents (and other family members – grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone who cares about children and families!) :).

When: Tuesday 24th March 18:30-20:00 to include as many of us as possible, e.g. those of us who work during the day, e.g. partners, grandparents or older teenagers. You would be very welcome to come at 18:15 to have 15 minutes to brew a cup of tea and settle down with a biscuit/piece of dried fruit/snack before we start at 18:30.

Where: Dublin City Centre, nr. O’Connell and Parnell Street, sign up here to have location emailed to you. Please share widely and pass around, sign up early as we have limited spaces (and if you can’t make it, please update your booking ASAP to let us know, so that we can offer your space to someone else)

How much: If you want to book and pre-pay before 8 March, a suggested small donation of EUR10 per person, or EUR15 for 2 people booking together, would help us cover the hall hire, tea, biscuits and Micheal’s expenses for supporting the event. Such pre-payment would help us save time and have easier time sorting the money out and paying the venue. At the same time, if you want more flexibility and want to give us cash at the door, we’d ask for EUR15 per person. And still, I would love to include everyone so if e.g. you are on income support, and EUR10/15 for 2/15 for one at the door donation would cause you hardship, I’d waive it as I’d love for you to be able to make it.  Come anyway and bring some friends!
Role-play for Demo - Olga and AnnaWhat about bringing my babies or children? Babies and children are welcome at discretion of parents 🙂 (no childcare is provided). If you bring toys and books that are quiet, it would help your children have fun and everyone (including the children themselves :)!) to hear the talk :). I believe that your baby’s gurgling or toddler’s happy talking or sounds would be unlikely to stop everyone from hearing the talk or ask questions :). At the same time, if your baby is crying or trying to interact with the others in such a way that your sense is that others may not be able to follow the talk because of the sound and acoustics, you can choose to step out to settle the baby – and come back later. How does this sound? If you have any questions, please do mention them in the sign up form (see below) 🙂

How to sign up? Sign up here, it only takes three-four minutes if that! If you can’t open a link, scroll to the form below :). I suggest signing up now whilst there are plenty of spaces – the spaces are limited by the venue capacity. To check that your pre-payment arrived safely, would you be willing to drop a quick email to Micheal at – or call him +35318470701? Micheal is organising the course – thank you so much Micheal :) .

I am looking forward to seeing you there :)!

P.S. And here is more feedback on my courses and talks 🙂 :
“Everyone I know who has attending a talk or course on NVC by Olga has felt enriched and inspired afterwards.” (Olwen R, Galway)

to e-mail me if they have transferred money, so I can track it – along with my e-mail address

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