NVC for home-educating families – 1-2 July

Why do this course?

If you:

– enjoyed the introduction NVC webinar for families who home-educate with Olga or NVC books by Marshall Rosenberg or other CTs


– tired out some of the exercises and skills

– maybe got some of them working for you e.g. protecting yourself from burnout with self-empathy, building your child’s secure attachment with you with empathy


-some of them still don’t work… or work in some situation and you forget about them in others or when you are stressed everyting is going out of the window…

Not talking to you

… there is a unique chance to build or solidify your NVC skills and get them under your belt.

What could you summer be like if:

  • you could wave a “magic wand” of NVC conflict resolution over your children’s conflicts and disagreements?
  • use proactive conversations approach to work out long-standing niggles and things that drive you up the wall – from getting out of the house for your home-ed events relatively unscathed to making sure there’s balance of fun and rest and things getting done in the house?
  • use “NVC repair” toolkit to make sure that you mend ruptures in connection for that secure attachment – and model this skill for relationship building to your children?


If you want to find out, join us in London with Olga for 1-2 July for an in-person NVC course. Signing up is as easy as spending two minutes leaving your details here and sending in your deposit as per the link above. 

Why do this course with Olga?

Olga is a CNVC Certified Trainer. She has applied NVC for all years that she has been home educating her kids, who are  13 and 7 years old. With NVC, they have survived various things from everyday ups and downs of home ed to 5 months long stretch of whooping cough to loss in extended family to moving the country (twice now!). What she shares in the courses, she has tried and uses herself, and has shared with many of her course participants. She knows it works from keeping in touch with many of the families who studied with her who want to keep in touch.

Below is some feedback from the past course participants.

How will we do it?

We will cover the following:

  • guided exercises and coaching for building your self-empathy skills. These help you to keep your cool under fire and reduce the shouting and upsets in the house! See feedback from past course participants below
  • exercises and supported practice to grow your empathy muscles! These will help you to help your kids find win-wins and resolve conflicts peacefully and powerfully, so that everyone wins. The best thing is that a parent’s using empathy rubs off on the kids after a while!
  • proactive conversation learning and practice. Here you can practise how to speak to turn around those situations that annoy you or drive you up the wall.


All of those things make a lot of sense when reading about them.


And many of our past course participants found that they are much easier to learn in a course vs trying to teach yourself. The same way as you may have found that support, tips and coaching makes easier learning a foreign language or learning how to drive.

Where is it?

Venue TBC. If you are in London and want to save yourself the stress and time involved in travelling to the venue and have space to host (a front room big enough to sit 11 people in a circle, where we could close the door and not be in the way of your family), get in touch with Alfia to talk about bartering course fees for hosting.

How much is it?

Early rate starts from ONLY £95 (at early rate with a discount for webinar attendess). The usual cost of in-person 2 day NVC course (not necessarily tailored for home-educators and not necessarily led by parents) can be c. £120-£150.

We tried to make the rates as low as possible to make it as affordable as possibel for you – so that you can get those skills and your family can benefit from them for life. As it involves juggling more things for us to take bookings closer to the course dates, the prices will go up 7 June.

How do I sign up?

Cat on laptop

You can sign up here 

What our past course participants say

Ina D

(Ina attended an NVC course for parents in Howth, Dublin, Ireland, with Olga in 2012)


I am a mum of 3, babywearing consultant, breastfeeding counsellor and teacher. As well as running my own wee business (www.bumptobeyond.com), I am also an active member of Cuidiu (parent support charity) and Babywearing Ireland (voluntary babywearing organisation)

Why did you decide to attend an NVC course?

I was a mum of 2 before the course and although I’m married, I was mainly a single working mum as hubby works long hours, 7 days a week, in a low income job. I was tired, easily irratable and kind of “swimming” in space without much grounding


What have you got from your NVC course?

I learned a lot for counselling situations. But, as it turned out, I learned even more about and for ME. During the activities the recurrent issue that surfaced for me was that I felt I was drowning in all the responsibilities and felt unsupported. I learned that I had needs and that they are just as valid as anyone elses!

The workshop has helped me hugely in identifying the needs behind my own emotions and reactions (following through is something I’m still working on!). It has been very beneficial in working with parents both as a breastfeeding counsellor and babywearing consultant and also in navigating difficult situations as a chair person in a voluntary organisation. And I am much more able to take a step back from situations with my own (now 3) children and being empathetic towards their needs and views of the world.

Your recommendations?

Do it ?

How about more info to decide?

Below is the checklist and more info for the course. check it out if you want more info to decide if the course is for you.

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