NVC for business and work

My background is Finance (MSc, GCMA), I worked for a large multinational (Cable and Wireless) and also was a Finance Director for a National Charity in the UK before starting to work for myself. Since then, I have been running two successful businesses (Trageschule and Heart to Heart Connection). I started up during the recession in the UK and have kept going during the recession as well. In my Trageschule line of work, I support my students with coaching and NVC support on starting up and running their own businesses, marketing, productivity, so I am familiar with some of the issues that businesses face. I am a Certified Trainer with an international organisation, Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Can Nonviolent Communication (NVC TM) training with me be of help for your organisation? Check the following list and see if any of it applies to you:

– are there any people who try to avoid each other or do not cooperate with the colleagues within a team or with other departments (openly or quietly)? May this be affecting viability or success of the whole team or even organisation?

– is there time lost in ineffective meetings, where there is a lot of talking and at the end of the meeting, not as much resolved as was hoped for?

– is there loss of resources (time, money, goodwill or creativity) because of how departments work (or do not work!) together?

– are there any stuck points or conflicts when limited resources are distributed (e.g. cash, money for the budgets, working hours of personnel) that impact how great the organisation would be – and work satisfaction of the staff at different levels?

– are there any members of staff who have reduced motivation to keep going when the going is hard and the end result is not there yet, to the degree that it impacts team performance?

– do you have any team members who try to pass on their work on others repeatedly, and some people in the team are overworked?

– when tasks and projects are assigned, are there disagreements that result in the lack of cooperation?

– are there any members of staff who would not take feedback on board (they may smile and nod their heads and would continue as before), and this impacts how well the whole team or even organisation is doing?

– are there any staff members who are demoralised and become less effective workers when they receive feedback?

– do you have a rate of staff turnover that means that there is the loss of the resources invested in their training?

– do you have any teams or departments that work “against” each other, or not exactly together, or do not “speak” to each other, resulting in lost opportunities or worse performance for the whole organisation? For example, are the Sales ok with the time that it takes for Finance to get data to Sales (so that Sales can maximise their sales)? AND are the Finance confident that, with the deadlines agreed for Sales’ data delivery, the Finance can also keep its agreements around delivering their reports to other departments?

– if there are any difficult decisions to make and implement (e.g. challenging feedback to deliver, or budget cuts or salaries, or laying off staff), do the managers and members of staff involved have skills and track record to successfully deal with these? Or are there complaints, grievances, delays and conflicts that impact the whole teams or organisation in already challenging circumstances?

NVC can help with all those issues and more, for example:
– the course participants can be trained to give and received feedback effectively (with a lot of emphasis on coached practice)
– through practice and evidence-based theory, skills can be gained for navigating challenging situations
– meetings effectiveness can be improved
– with gained skills, the managers and members of staff may be able to prevent or resolved the conflicts before complaints or grievances are raised. This may reduce the hours that HR and others involved would spend dealing with the complaints.
– the effectiveness of the whole organisation can be improved, and losses of time and opportunities can be reduced, through increasing the collaboration and cooperation between the teams and departments.

If you are interested, get in touch with Olga Nguyen CNVC Certified Trainer at hearttoheartconnection @ gmail.com (delete the spaces from the email address). I tailor my courses, workshops, talks and trainings to fit your organisation’s requests.

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