How to create family life of your choosing (Nonviolent Communication Skills for happy families and happy world)

  • Have you ever longed to have clear, effective ways to express the love and care that are in your heart, especially when your intentions and feelings are not coming across as clearly as you desire?
  • Have you ever wanted to match your hopes and wishes for the quality of relationship that you would like to have with your children or partner or extended family to the daily reality of your family life?
  • Would you enjoy having more tools in your toolbox for building stronger, harmonious connections in your family (between yourself and your partner, yourself and your extended family members, yourself and your children)?
  • Would you like to have a set of powerful, effective skills for supporting your child in the face of challenges, and for your child to learn these tools by observation, so that he or she can support him or herself? A priceless gift for life.
  • Would you find it useful to have a set of skills that cut across differences in parenting choices, beliefs and attitudes – and connect with the love and care in the heart of the other parent (whether it is your co-parent, friend, or a family member)?
  • Have you ever longed to be able to foster deeper, more lasting connections with your family’s wider support network and within the wider community (whether it is your extended family, friends, or another kind of support network)?
  • Would you like to acquire effective, powerful skills which are equally indispensable for resolving any conflicts or challenges in a win-win way (where everyone matters!) AND for appreciating what helps you experience joy, wonder and laughter in your life?

Skills for achieving all this… and more:

‘The Art and Science of Parenting’ courses

(based on Compassionate Communication TM, developed by Marshall B Rosenberg, and on Interpersonal Neurobiology, Neuroscience and Brain Development Research)

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“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there” (Rumi)

Brief highlights of the course:

A few things that I offer in the ‘The Art and Science of Parenting’ course (this may vary depending on the group’s wishes and needs expressed) are:

  • Experiential learning of ‘NVC Basics’
  • A range of ways to connect with the needs in ourselves and others: e.g. ‘NVC – Living Energy of Needs’ and Body NVC
  • Experiential learning by the group of their choice of a few of the following (in the ‘Art of Parenting’ range): using colour, shape, crayons, storytelling and puppets to speak from your heart to your child or listen from your heart to your child, or to help your child connect with his or her needs and express them;
  • ‘The Science of Parenting’: an interactive overview of the research on empathy, attachment and brain development. My intention is to encourage some awareness that such research is just one way to deepen our understanding of ourselves and our children. I do believe that you know yourself, your family situation and your child better than anyone else, so it is you who is in a unique position to decide whether this research is helpful to you or applicable to your situation!
  • many opportunities to learn and practice using your real-life situations and to work out some approaches to them if you choose to do so. The choice is yours whether you want to pick up one of your real-life situations or to ask for an example to be provided. At the same time, I strive to provide opportunities during the course for everyone who wants to to practice their newly learnt skills in a supported, safe environment – and outside the moment of trigger.
  • … and much more :)!

The course content is an offering, and I am willing to work with course participants if they find that a different structure/including different things in the programme would meet their learning needs more fully at their level of fluency with NVC. The content that I offer is a starting point: I hear from course participants time and time again that, especially for people new to NVC, it is helpful to have some options readily offered to try out. At the same time, my intention for the course is to encourage awareness in the group that everything is an option/offering/choice, and this choice is yours. And at the same time I do encourage everyone to take every chance they are comfortable with to learn and practice in a supported environment (or to ask for additional support if needed).

Again, if you have any questions about the course programme please do get in touch, I would be glad to answer your questions.

Interested? Contact Olga on hearttoheartconnection @ (please delete the spaces) for more information or a booking form.

Next Courses: Novosibirsk, August 2014 AND Courses in the UK, Ireland, South-East Asia on request – please get in touch with enquiries or your questions with me on hearttoheartconnection @ gmail . com

Facilitator: Olga Nguyen is the Facilitator for this course. Olga brings her experience of living NVC with her family and in her relationships, and her experience of sharing NVC with other parents since 2007. Olga is a Graduate of the BayNVC ‘Partnership Parenting Peer Leadership Programme’ (a part of the BayNVC and CNVC joint programme ‘Peaceful Families, Peaceful World’). She is a CNVC Certified Trainer . Here is more information on her learning and work experience .

Investment/Course fee: £120 (or EUR150 for Irish courses)


Babies-in-arms (i.e. babies who are not crawling, cruising or pulling themselves up by the furniture yet) are welcome on the course. From my experience of facilitating such courses, parents who think that attending with a baby-in-arms would be doable for them usually manage to have enough spaciousness and focus to get what they want from the course. If you need more information to make your decision about bringing your baby-in-arms on the course, please contact Olga at hearttoheartconnection @ (no spaces) for more information.

1 We limit spaces on each course to ten people or fewer, to ensure quality and connection. On the presentations organised by us, we limit the spaces as well, so that everyone who attends has enough spaciousness to get the flavour of NVC and find out more about it

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