About me

Me and the kidsI am a parent of two children, who (myself, that is!) happened to stumble upon NVC (Nonviolent Communication TM) in my search of tools that could help me to live my values of kindness, presence, love, empathy and compassion with my nearest and dearest. I found out about Partnership Parenting, Unconditional Parenting and NVC in 2005 when my older daughter was a year or so old. I am eternally grateful to (and for) my children, and for the opportunities to grow and change that have happened along my parenting journey so far.

You can see in my resume details of what has happened since in terms of my NVC learning and practice. Yet it is in everyday life when most important of my learning and NVC work has been happening. Everyday life with children, family, other people gives me plenty opportunities to practice, ‘mediate’, facilitate, and keep asking questions like ‘What is important to me?’,  ‘What is important to others?’ and ‘Where we go from there?’ (if anywhere, as, sometimes I find out that a present moment is just perfect – whatever it may mean! – so there’s no need to go anywhere 🙂 ).

My most meaningful learning and much inspiration takes root in everyday interactions with others in my life. Somehow I have been lucky to meet people who have cared about themselves, me and other people, have held on to me through various challenges and wanting to understand and appreciate each other no matter what. (Some of those people have never been to an NVC workshop or practice group, and some of them have not heard about NVC) Remembering care, gentleness, kindness, acceptance and presence that happened in some of the interactions that I recall, I want to say big Thank you to all of them.

And I suspect, imagine, think that others may have learnt more from me modelling and living what I value than from what I could have helped them learn in a cerebral, didactic way during the workshop.

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