My CV: Certified Trainer, CNVC

My Communication Skills Learning

October 2013 – I was added to the list of the CNVC Certified Trainers at

October 2013 – “Come to Life NVC Barn” with Vicky Peirce and Gayano Shaw

October 2012 – after following CNVC Certification process, I was recommended as a CNVC Certified Trainer at the CNVC Assessment in Cheltenham, UK.

April 2012 – CNVC International Intensive Training, Germany

August 2008-April 2009  Bay NVC Partnership Parenting Peer Leadership Programme

18-24 March 2009 Bay NVC ‘Leading from the Heart’ with Miki Kashtan and others

4-11 August 2009 ‘NVC Living Energy of Needs’ training with Robert Gonzales and others

21-22 June 2008 ‘NVC and Empathy’ with Shantigarbha

13-14 October 2007 ‘NVC and Anger’ with Shantigarbha

30 June- 1 July 2007 ‘Transforming Conflict’ with with Laura Harvey

2-3 June 2007 ‘NVC Foundation Training’ with Laura Harvey

Communication Skills Work/facilitation

August 2013 – “Growing Inner Peace…” for NVC Practitioners, Cork, Ireland

Spring 2013 – Supporting starting up of the NVC group in Hebden Bridge

2011- 2013 – ‘Communication Skills for Babywearing Consultancy’ module at Trageschule Babywearing Consultancy courses in the UK, Ireland and Russia

2012 – Various “Introduction to Compassionate Communication” workshops/presentations in the UK and Ireland, for parents and those who work with parents (Skipton, Huddersfield, Harrogate, Leeds, York, Wigan, Banbury, Lakes District, Ireland)

May 2010 – facilitating Compassionate Communication Workshops at NVC Day at Yoga Centre, Hebden Bridge, Calderdale (organised and ran by two NVC practice groups in Calderdale)

August 2010 – Connect through Colour, Shape and Imagery – NVC Family Camp 2010, Norfolk

Autumn 2007-Winter 2010 – facilitating and co-facilitating Compassionate Communication practice groups in Hebden Bridge, Calderdale

August 2009 – ‘Managing transitions with Compassionate Communication’ – hands-on workshop close to the camp closure aimed at supporting people in transition from the camp to being back home – NVC Family Camp 2009, Norfolk

August 2009 – ‘Connect without Words’ workshops and one-to-one consultancy work (on Compassionate Communication with babies and younger children) – NVC Family Camp 2009, Norfolk

Spring 2009 – ‘Parenting from the Heart’ 8-week series at the Russian Club, Leeds

17 May 2008 – ‘Compassionate Communication Introductory workshop’ at LLL North of England District Workshop

2005-2006 – conflict resolution, facilitation, mediation and community building as a moderator at

Compassionate Communication Introductory workshop at LLL Bradford group

Partnership Parenting  ‘Parenting without Punishment or Rewards’ Introductory workshop at the Russian Club, Leeds

I consider having facilitated and co-led a breastfeeding support group and a babywearing group locally as two other experiences that contributed greately to my growing skills of using NVC in a group environment, and facilitating non-NVC groups with NVC values in mind.

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