An oxygen mask for busy parents: Nonviolent Communication TM, two-day foundation course

Q: Who is the course for?

A: If you are a parent, family member (Grandparent, aunt, uncle etc) or caregiver and often find yourself running off your feet whilst your cup of tea is going cold, the day has gone by and your have not sat down (and you are not enjoying this and are wishing it was different!)…

If there’s not enough hours in your day to do what’s important for you (e.g. to start going for walks, to have even a quick bath, to have a snack when you are hungry)…

If time and time again you find yourself annoyed at having the same conversations with friends or family members that are less supportive of your parenting than you would like…

If you have days when you are about to scream at your children out of sheer exhaustion and frustration and when you do, you wish you had not…

… this course may be for you.

Q:What is in it for me?

A: In this two-day course, you will learn and practice the skills that would help you to make sure that everyone matters during your day (and to make this “everyone” includes you, too)! In particular, you will learn:

1) how to translate your irritation, frustration and exhaustion into what is important for you
2) how to create more balance in your life between what’s important for you and what’s important for others. For example, to make sure that whatever it is that keeps you sane is present in your life!
3) extra tools for keeping you peaceful in the eye of the storm that some days of our lives can be. This could help you to regain your balance on a busy day with lots of places to get to and a lot of things to do. Or help you to stand your ground in a (repeatedly?) difficult conversation with people who are important to you, so that both what’s important for them and what’s important for you is included in the dialogue.

What changes may it bring into your life? Here is what one of past course participants says:
“I don’t know if I can communicate effectively what an improvement NVC has made to my life (and by extension my family’s life)

I no longer take offence from people communicating their feelings, there is still shouting and noise but it’s not as extreme or as aggressive. I feel like I am finally modelling the behavior I would like my children to follow and discussions with my husband are so much more constructive and understanding.

At work I can give much more empathy and even if some of my work relationships have not improved I no longer lose any sleep over it.” (Catherine H)

Q: Does it mean that I will be a master of Nonviolent Communication after the course?

A: This is a two-day course, and at the end of it, you would get a solid introductory set of skills that you can take and practice at home. When you learnt a new skill (e.g. knitting or crocheting or woodwork etc), did you find that more you kept practicing, more easily and quickly you could do it? The same applies to learning languages: more you practice and apply what you learnt, easier it comes to you and happier you may be with the results. Nonviolent Communication skills are like that too.

Also, in this course we would focus on one particular area of Nonviolent Communication: being able to understand what’s important for us and others in the situation, and to put it into words, and try and find a way forward with this. This will give you an introduction to the skills, from which you can go on to learn more (in other courses, trainings, and group or individual practice).

So in short, you won’t have the same level of skills after a two-day training as you would have after four days, or fifty days of trainings AND I am hopeful that even after two-day training, you would have the skills to bring more ease and peace to your family life!

Q: Can I bring my children with me?

A: Babies-in-arms are welcome. My best guess about older babies (from crawling/cruising/becoming independently mobile age) and children is that it may be challenging to both be able to look after an older baby or child and get enough out of the course. A lot of the course are hands-on, practical activities and exercises that are effective for learning the skills. So to get enough out of the course, it helps to be able take part, which may be tricky whilst being a sole caregiver to an independently mobile baby or a child. I also would be a bit concerned whether an older child may get really bored or frustrated if they are at the course for most of the day. Having said that, many people who have older babies or children have done this course with someone else looking after the child. And then the parent and the child would reunite for the breaks. If this would make it difficult for you to attend the course, please get in touch with the course organiser, see below.

Q: How do I sign up? And how much is it?

A: Scroll down to the form at the bottom of the page. Filling it out and a payment or deposit would secure your space on the course. If the form below does not work, this link is an alternative.

We offer £120 Early bird option for bookings made and deposits paid at least a month in advance, total course fee. This is for two days learning and practicing the skills that may help you create more ease and peace in your family life and that you would be able to apply straight away! We ask for it in advance so that we can book a venue and cover other organising expenses.

If paying the amount in advance would be a hardship and be the sole reason you would not be able to attend the course, please get in touch with the course organiser.

To check that your pre-payment arrived safely, would you be willing to drop a quick email to the course organiser?

Q: What if I need to cancel?

A: We know that life happens. So we want to keep it as flexible as possible for everyone and also to make sure that we can still cover the venue etc! If you want to cancel, just get in touch as soon as you can, we will try and find a replacement for you and give you a refund (as at least part of the payment will likely have gone towards the venue hire). Unless you know someone who wants to take your spot, us finding you a replacement may be more doable if you can let us know at least three weeks prior to the course (so that anyone on the waiting list are able to organise their childcare, time off, travel and accommodation). If you, for any reason, think that you may want to cancel, would you be willing to add a note to your calendar for two weeks before the course at the latest to contact us for cancelling? For cancellations, please get in touch with  organisers.

Q: Do I get a course certificate?

A: You do get a certificate for the course. Olga Nguyen, the course facilitator, is a Certified Trainer with Centre for Nonviolent Communication (, so the course hours count towards the training days’ requirement for CNVC certification, too!

Q: I have some questions not covered here, what do I do?

A: Please get in touch with  organisers .

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