Heart to Heart Connection… deepen and transform your connections with those you love!


In our courses, through practical, hands-on learning, you get to work (and see others working) on real-life situations that you would like to understand better and, perhaps, change. The approach draws on our understanding of attachment theory and of how the brain works and develops, with the aim of informing and improving our communication skills. It is inspired by Marshall Rosenberg’s concept of ‘Nonviolent Communication’ TM, also known as ‘Compassionate Communication’. It is aimed at bringing greater satisfaction to the all-important area of your life: your connections with your loved ones. We believe in keeping the workshops dynamic, interactive and as experiential as possible, for you to get the most benefit from your time there.

To safeguard quality and give you the best chance for a meaningful experience, we keep the numbers to ten people at most, with five to six people being the average number. Sometimes smaller scale workshops are available – if you want to attend with a small group of friends, please do get in touch about the possibility of facilitating a smaller group just for you.


We offer a combination of hours and breaks to suit those who need to reconnect with their young children during the day. Babies-in-arms are welcome on the course. If you have an older child that you would like to bring with you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We run workshops in West Yorkshire and the Greater Manchester area. If you are further afield and would like a workshop with us, please do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!


We ask for £120 per person for any weekend workshop.

Discounts are available to groups of 6-10 people booking together, groups with course locations within 40 minutes’ travel from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire or Greater Manchester area, and further discounts are available if a group can provide a free or deeply discounted venue.

Also, if only financial reasons stop you from attending, please get in touch to explore the possibilities for you to attend.

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