My free demo and talk at Skipton Sling Meet 11 January 2012

Thanks to Susan and the rest of the people at Skipton Sling Meet for inviting me to do a talk and a demo on 11 January :).

I really enjoyed meeting everyone (including babies and children), and talking (in a show-and-tell way 🙂 ) about optimal infant positioning in slings.

The demostration included what seemed to be useful for the group. Prior to the day, in discussions with Susan and the rest of the group, we decided together that a demo of a hip carry with a short wrap and of a rucksack carry in a wrap could be something that the group might find useful. On the day, when I asked the group if it was something they wanted to see, and asked anyone who wanted to do anything else to shout up, it certainly seemed like a popular choice.

We covered a lot in the Q&A session too, with a variety of useful questions from the group (from newborn wearing to breastfeeding in slings to the finer aspects of back carries 🙂 ). And at the end, it was a great fun to watch Mums trying out the slings, and making use of my trusty weighted dolls :).

Thanks again Susan and the group for having me :)!

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