For Babywearing Consultations and Workshops, I ask:

  • £35 for the initial consultation
  • £25 for any follow-up consultations (the same parent/couple as in the initial consultation, with the same baby)
  • £25 per each out of two participants of the workshop
  • £50 for the belly-to-baby packages (both parts)

As mentioned, bring your partner (or other person who often looks after your baby and is willing to carry him or her in a sling) free of charge.

Any follow-up phone support is free (obviously, some questions that relate to wearing your baby are easier to answer over the phone without seeing your baby than others, and some things are only possible to deal face-to-face!)

If you feel the need to have more time during your consultation and I can accommodate this (I obviously will try!), once the time we agreed on is up, I ask for £10 for every half-hour.

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