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Why have a consultation?

Have you decided you want to know how carry your baby and have your hands free?

Do you want to make sure that whatever position in a sling or soft carrier you are using is safe and optimal for your baby?

Do you really want to make sure you take the best possible care of your back, neck, shoulders and knee joints, by using a sling or a soft carrier in a way that is as comfortable and easy as possible on your body?

Is time really at a premium for you, so you want to make sure that you would get the skills and knowledge to carry your baby safely and comfortably within an allocated slot of time (often, this could be as little as one and a half to two hours) – and to have the questions that you have about carrying your baby answered in this amount of time?

Then, perhaps, you may want to explore whether you would like to have a one-to-one consultation with a qualified Babywearing Consultant 1.

Why have a consultation with me?

My name is Olga Nguyen and I work as a Certified Babywearing Consultant. I trained with Die Trageschule Dresden TM (I also have gone further in my training, and I run training courses for Babywearing Consultants, under the banner). This means that in the course of my studies, both practical and theoretical, in and out of the ‘classroom’, I have covered a multitude of easy and safe ways to help someone learn using many types of positions in many types of slings, including helping clients with Special Needs or whose baby has Special Needs.2

I am a member of BABI (, British Association of Babywearing Instructors. BABI requires its members to have a recognised qualification, to have comprehensive insurance, and to abide by BABI’s Code of Conduct (including CPD requirements). 3

Over the last six years, I have been helping parents to learn using a sling in a variety of settings, and have observed what, generally, helps most people to learn this skill and what may hinder or slow down this learning. I do incorporate this knowledge in helping my clients to learn, and to make the learning as easy and fun as possible.

I prioritise creating an environment in which learning is easier, where you can concentrate on your learning and your baby. Many people comment how having a physical environment that is geared towards their baby’s and their needs makes it so much easier to keep track of their baby during a consultation and also to be able to concentrate on learning as much as possible!

Time and time again, I keep hearing how various aids that I use during the consultation, the environment of the consultation, and my approach itself do make a difference for helping parents achieve babywearing solutions that are just right for their situation.

I value sharing evidence-based information and respecting parents’ choices. Above all, I value the uniqueness and individuality of every parent/child dyad and every family, and feel grateful for the trust of those who have let me bring the knowledge, tips, tricks and resources that I have accumulated over more than seven years of using slings, and six or more years of helping others how to use slings, safely and comfortably.

Your and your child’s safety and comfort are paramount to me. As a parent myself, I know how important it is to stay in good health and take good care of one’s back and knees, and I do believe that the Trageschule techniques are as easy and comfortable on your body as possible. Likewise, your baby’s hips and back, comfort and safety and individual preferences would be taken care of with the Trageschule techniques of babywearing.

Are consultations not what you are after just right now? Check out my other (including FREE) offerings!

If you thrive on interactions and seeing others’ learn in a group environment, I occasionally organise small workshops for parents who wish to learn a specific carry (e.g. a rucksack back carry with a wrap) with babies of similar ages. I am also always happy to organise ‘on demand’ workshops – if you have two of three friends with babies of similar ages, and would like to learn a particular Babywearing skill, do get in touch and I will do my best to help make it happen.

I also offer free demonstrations and presentations and talks for parents and health professionals, and am always happy to hear from you if you would like to organise one. These are obviously not the same as a one-to-one consultation or a workshop. In a consultation, in the space of 1.5-2 hours, we focus solely on learning a skill to fulfil your babywearing needs, whereas my free offerings may enrich those present with additional information and help them with their decision-making, answer some of their questions, validate their choices, and re-inspire to continue on their chosen path.

1 There are many ways to learn how to use a sling: a consultation with a qualified Babywearing Consultant (also called ‘Sling Consultant’ or ‘Carrying Consultant’ or ‘Babywearing Instructor’) is just one of them.

2Check for more details of what exactly is covered in a full course of studies with Trageschule.

3You do not necessarily need to rely on letters after someone’s name to make your choice about who you would like to work with, and, sometimes, when you are new to the area, having some starting point helps. Being able to make enquiries or check out affiliations, credentials or a regulating body may be an easy starting point to short-list those who you would like to talk to and see whether you could work together.

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