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Do you love home-education? Are you really happy with what your kids and your family get out of it? And at the same time, do you sometimes find that:

  1. Some of your relatives or friends really do not “get” home-education and whatever you say, it’s kind of bouncing off the wall, and they keep saying the same thing, over and over again? So you wonder whether the only way forward may be not to talk about it – or stop seeing them altogether if they really got to you? And at the same time, do you wish that friends or family would be there for you and your kids instead of adding to the stress and misunderstandings?
  2. You get tired from hearing over and over and again “will they ever learn?”  and “what about socialising?” (even though you know all the comebacks to these questions, has answering them got old for you?)
  3. You sometimes feel run off your feet juggling one thing and another, to the point that some days you find all your cups of tea go cold before you have a chance to have them (or you may be even asking here “what are cups of tea?”)
  4. You feel at a loss HOW you can help your child(ren) navigate their friendships (the good, the bad and the ugly of it) – especially given that with home-education, a lot of this may be happening more “in your face” or “in real time” vs if they were at school?
  5. You shudder when you read online the stories of burn-out that one or two home-educating Mums have written? And you wonder what you can do to avoid heading there yourself?
  6. You sometimes feel like there’s not enough space in your day for the things that keep you recharged – so you end up snapping at the kids (even though you totally love them and would not miss out on what you have together)?
  7. You get flabbergasted at occasional misunderstanding, frictions and even conflicts in home-ed circles – and you wish for more understanding and support vs hair-splitting or silences?

IF you answered “yes” to any of the above, this webinar may be for you. Do join us IF:

  • you would love to have more ease between your friends and family who “don’t get” home-ed – AND to hold on to what you believe in too?
  • you would enjoy feeling more confident, at ease and empowered when you are with your child(ren) at the doctor’s or dentist’s, or if dealing with social workers or LEA folks.
  • you want to proof yourself against burnout (you have heard the stories!)
  • you simply wish sometimes that your days would run smoother and easier, and include more laughter, fun AND getting things done
  • it would be so much more fun for the family to be able to get out of the door FASTER or without as much effort as it usually takes – or, at all, on some days!
  • you wish for more energy at the end of your day

Many parents have found that Nonviolent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg) has enabled them to achieve all the above, and more.

You can sign up here

Why I share these skills?


When I started home-educating, I ran out into all the above things and more. I was frustrated and flabbergasted when the sweet dream of home-education I had to begin with turned out to be so different in real life. Day by day, there would be frustration, arguments, sometimes being completely frazzled by the time we got out of the door – with clashes, conflicts and other stuff thrown in! Have you ever had days or chunks of the day that were like this?

For me, on the really bad days, it seemed that a hurricane had upturned my house… and left a complete chaos behind. I still felt that home-ed was what I wanted to do and kept looking for ways to do it, extra skills and tools… and I kept deepening my NVC skills. I was happy and surprised to discover how many of those who use NVC home-educate too. I can’t say that our days are picture-perfect every day… AND if we still home-educate, for us, it is thanks to NVC.

We have had our share of difficulties over the years (from illness and death in the extended family, through some or all of us being sick – eg 4 months of whooping cough last year – to the ups and downs of running three businesses and (the related travel) between two of us). I do believe that it is NVC that has helped us navigate those times with as much grace and kindness to each other as we could muster.

Reading and hearing about burnout cases between home-educating Mums, I feel really passionate about sharing the NVC skills that helped us and  can help you to burnout-proof yourself and navigate your days, whatever they may be! And I also happen to be one of the few NVC trainers who have children, home-educate and have used NVC with their children from an early age. So I only share what I have tried over the years and what has worked for me (and many other parents).

Why this course?

Have you ever spent tons of time trying to dig through information on the web and try to figure out if it is relevant to your situation, how to apply it, and “WHY OH WHY it does not work as it is supposed to”? Have you ever read books and liked the approach in theory – and then got frustrated and disappointed when it did not work when you tried it out in practice? Are your days so full that you want something that works for you and your family?

If this is the case for you, then this course may be for you. I hear it from my course participants that it really helps to see THEIR situations or similar scenarios addressed through role-play, and to have THEIR questions answered. For me, too, this really helped to get those NVC skills into my home-ed toolkit and “hit the ground running” once I got home from the course.

So if your days are full and you would like to get those skills, do sign up here

Or if you know anyone who could benefit from this course, please do share the link to the short page here.


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