Links to resources for NVC/Compassionate Communication Practice groups

PansiesIt’s been a long time since my last blogpost. So much has happened here, including:

– us getting snowed out from the retreat venue in March (it’s a separate story! 🙂 ), and

– interested fellow NVC practitioners and otherwise interested people coming together to start a practice group locally, which I’ve been happy to support. (I’m unsure whether you’d want to be named – and thanks to everyone who’s been a part of organising it).

So, I was asked about different options/ different things that people usually do at NVC practice groups. If you’ve been wondering about this too, please read on :).

Here are a few resources (out of many) that I have used in the years of supporting NVC Practice Groups:

– obviously, the workbook by Lucy Leu 🙂 (we have used it at the both previous NVC Practice Groups locally)

– this list of practice groups exercises

– Holley Humphrey’s workbook ‘Practice, Practice, Practice’ (I have a copy and I have appreciated different exercises there)

And simply because I believe that these radio programmes by Miki Kashtan illustrate different uses of NVC itself beautifully, here’s a collection of podcasts of these .

If you want more suggestions, one option is to ask for others’ ideas at one of the many NVC Facebook groups, Yahoo groups, and other Internet places.

Hope this helps :)!

P.S. I’m linking to those resources in the spirit of contributing – and if one of the links is yours and for some reason you are not happy to see it here, please do get in touch!

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