Kinaesthetics Infant Handling training – more comfort and ease in movement, for you, your baby and the others!

I’m excited and delighted to finally announce a Kinethetics Infant Handling (KIH) Course, London, UK, Fri 7- Sun 9  February 2014. The venue in Islington is to be confirmed.

I have been particularly excited and delighted about the opportunity to attend this course as I have heard so much about the benefits of Kinaesthetics Infant Handling from fellow Babywearing Consultants in Germany and further afield since I first trained as a Babywearing Consultant. I have been very lucky to have been able to attend a tester workshop by Sabine at Trageschule Dresden Babywearing Consultancy mini-conference 2013 (Dresden TrageTage). This, and also the amazing and inspiring feedback on Sabine’s courses from my colleagues at the conference, meant that I got motivated even further to do what I can to enable us (and our babies, children and clients) in the UK to benefit from KIH knowledge :).

This course is a fantastic CPD event for those of us who work with parents and children, as witnessed, for example, by many trained Babywearing Consultants in Germany and Austria who have done this course already over the last years.

Here is more information about (KIH): Information_sheet_What_is_Kinaesthetics. The foto_kinecourse facilitator, Sabine Hartz, a qualified Trainer with Kinaesthetics Institute. She is a co-author of ‘Baby in Balance’ .

During the course, you’ll be able to learn what are the ways of picking up and putting down a baby, and supporting a baby’s movement (including baby’s going into a sling and out of it) that are biolgically optimal. What’s more, you’d be able to learn how a certain way of moving may make a major difference to how comfortable we feel in our bodies. This knowledge may make a difference for you and your clients and their babies, whether you are offering one-to-one support or workshops that involve parents’ or babies’ movement of any kind.

The course offers a balanced mix of theory and practice blocks. Sabine will teach the course in English. The course materials will be in English too. The certificate is awarded pending successful completion of the course.

The course hours are 10 am to 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with lunch breaks and tea/coffee breaks.

_DSC5678Babies in arms are welcome in the workshop. If you have a baby who can crawl/cruise/walk/move around otherwise, past workshop participants who would want for their independently mobile baby or an older child to be nearby would usually bring a friend or a family member to look after the baby/child.

Sabine asks for £400 for the three full days of the course, including your training pack (in English).

If you have any questions or want to book, please do get in touch with Olga (who helps Sabine to organise the course) at .

I’m looking forward to your joining us in London 7-9 February :)!

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