(English) How you can be that calm and peace that your family needs – amidst the family disagreements, children’s fights, tantrums, crises, “No’s”, and when the urge to shout strikes! With NVC TM

Have you ever worried about the time that your children spend playing games on phone or computer, or watching TV? Perhaps, if you have older children, you are worried about their use of Facebook, Instagram or other things Social Media and Internet, and what they may encounter there?

Have you ever had a family meal when everyone seems to be checking their mobile phones? And you really missed just talking and being together and looking at each other, not at the screens?

Do you wonder how your child can be in this technology world and not to miss out on its advantages – and also do it in the way that you are at peace with?

Perhaps, it is not “gadget” time but “fast food” that you find yourself stuck with? Have you ever come back home to find that the whole family has been to a fast food place when you asked them not to? Have you ever felt like your words were dropping into an empty space?

Or, perhaps, does it sound familiar, your kids encountering something they can’t have (not necessarily from you – maybe from someone else or the big wide world around them? When this happens, have you ever ended up with a massive upset or a big fight on your hands? And you wondered how to keep your cool never mind helping your child when they are SO upset? Have you ever experienced:

  • your child wanting to play too close to the road for your or their Grandparents liking?
  • Or finding a bleach bottle irresistible?
  • or a trip to the fast food place (“But Grandpa/Dad/Uncle said it was OK!”)…
  • or sweets (“everyone else gets sweets! Those are the ones Auntie gave me!”)…
  • or screen time (“Just another episode, please!” or “I have to finish the next game level!”)?

Is it that, at some of these times when you have that screaming, tantruming toddler or an older child, you have an absolute urge to scream back … and sometimes do end up exploding? And them afterwards, feel so bad about it? And yet, can’t get out of that cycle?

Have you also had times when the whole family felt the ripples (or tsunami waves!) of the fallout (and everyone ended up being upset or unhappy)? Have you ever thought that it was impossible, to keep peace in the family AND draw that line somewhere to take care of your kids?

Or maybe you do know how to be really firm with your kids, YET as they grow older, you find that they go behind your back to do what you told them not to? Whether it is to hang out with that friend who you think is a really bad influence, or set up (yet another one!) Social Media account or something else? And they also clam up or deny everything despite the evidence when you confront them about it? And you feel stuck as to how you deal with that – as you can’t observe and track your older child every single minute of their day? Have you ever felt the stress of it too?

Or might it be that you would LOVE if your child was be free to learn and explore and feel supported in this, and take up all the opportunities for that others have? Have you ever been disappointed with the lack of understanding or support from others in your child’s life (Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles – or maybe even your own spouse)? Have you ever heard “This will spoil her!” or “How he will ever learn?” or “You have to get used to not having what you want”.

Or, perhaps, you manage to juggle it all – and yet find 24/7, relentless pace of always being on call for your children, family, co-workers way too exhausting? And sometimes everyone around you feels the edge of it, when you run out of steam and are more likely to snap at the children, for example? Or not be able to find much energy to have any fun with them?

There is a DIFFERENT way! Imagine the life where you can:

  • take care of BOTH your family and yourself (to keep your energy reserves topped up, so that you can give more to your loved ones!)
  • help your loved ones make healthier choices, and have them more on board with that, so that you do not have to nag or control or give up any more
  • head off those tempter tantrums – or have tools to help yourself and others keep their calm and peace
  • effectively, powerfully and peacefully to be able to get your message across
  • find solutions where EVERYONE (yourself included!!!) wins
  • with every interaction, to strengthen your relationships with your loved ones – for them and you to feel loved even if there is a disagreement or things are shaky
  • feel at ease and confident that you are doing your best for your children (be it gadgets, food, learning, or any other area of your lives together)
  • help your kids to stay creative, safe and sane in that big world around as they grow
  • and much more… what is it that you wish for?

Millions of people all over the world have created the above – and more! – in their daily lives with Nonviolent communication TM (NVC, by Dr Marshall Rosenberg) LINK . And now you can have it too!

We’d be DELIGHTED if you join us on the NVC course and explore and discover this for yourself. The trainer is Olga Nguyen (MSc, GCMA). Olga is a Certified Trainer for Center for Nonviolent Communication (LINK).

What will be covered:

  • dealing with wanting to scream (or slam the door!) when your child or others scream
  • how do I REALLY get my message across – AND keep peace in the relationship?
  • how do I avoid the caregiver burnout and keep my energy when looking after so many people and things?
  • how to find a peaceful, loving, respectful way for EVERYONE to win in those dreaded arguments about gadgets or fast food or how far your child can go to play (insert what it is in YOUR life)?
  • how to find ways to have openness and honesty even as your kids grow older?

Here is what our graduates say:

Here is what one of past course participants says:
“I don’t know if I can communicate effectively what an improvement NVC has made to my life (and by extension my family’s life)

I no longer take offence from people communicating their feelings, there is still shouting and noise but it’s not as extreme or as aggressive. I feel like I am finally modelling the behavior I would like my children to follow and discussions with my husband are so much more constructive and understanding.

At work I can give much more empathy and even if some of my work relationships have not improved I no longer lose any sleep over it.” (Catherine H)

You can see more testimonials here.

Here is a video story of using NVC, by Olga.

I want to join this course (click here)!

How will we do it?

  • bite-sized chunks of explanations and research (more can be provided if you ask)
  • practice step-by step exercises in the whole group and in pairs, with the trainer’s coaching and support
  • role-plays
  • some amazing NVC tools to use during the course (NVC cards, visual aids etc)
  • learning exercises for creating peace and calm in the eye of the storm (a gift for life!)
  • and much, much more!

How much is it?
Usually, the cost of the course is 900RM. Compare this with the cost of one-to-one classes, 2880RM (for 14 hours).

We want to make this as accessible as possible to you, knowing how money can be when you have a family. So, just as the first offer, we want to offer you an early bird rate of ONLY RM690. And even more, if you book with your spouse or family member or a friend (two names in ONE registration form+ONE deposit/payments; not applicable for TWO registration forms or TWO different payments), we want to offer you an early bird for TWO rate at RM650! You can also get RM650 rate if you book during early bird offer AND pay in full.

The best thing about this? You can do this course risk-free. We are so confident about what we offer and its value to our course participants, that we offer money-back guarantee. We also want for you to have peace of mind too. So, if you do not get the skills you were after, did not learn new things or are dissatisfied with what you got, tell us at the END of the course and we’ll give you a refund (minus non-refundable registration fee, that goes towards processing your registration, snacks and venue).

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Early bird rate is valid until 11:59 pm Sat 6 February. After that, the standard rate is 720 RM. The registration is open until Sat 27 Feb. Spaces are limited and we expect for them to be gone much earlier than that, with waiting list available. If there is availability, we may open the registration after 27 Feb at LATE bird rate of 800RM.

We’d be delighted for you to join us and get those skills for life, for you and your family. So we recommend to book EARLY to make sure you have your space. Filling a registration form and paying a non-refundable registration fee of 150RM reserves you space.

Payment details are in the registration form below.

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We are looking forward to having you on the course! Not sure if the course is for you or you have skills already? See the CHECKLIST here that will hopefully clarify it for you.


Q: Does it mean that I will be a master of Nonviolent Communication after the course?

A: This is a two-day course, and at the end of it, you would get a solid introductory set of skills that you can take and practice at home. When you learnt a new skill (e.g. knitting or crocheting or woodwork etc), did you find that more you kept practicing, more easily and quickly you could do it? The same applies to learning languages: more you practice and apply what you learnt, easier it comes to you and happier you may be with the results. Nonviolent Communication skills are like that too.

Also, in this course we would focus on one particular area of Nonviolent Communication: being able to understand what’s important for us and others in the situation, and to put it into words, and try and find a way forward with this. This will give you an introduction to the skills, from which you can go on to learn more (in other courses, trainings, and group or individual practice).

So in short, you won’t have the same level of skills after a two-day training as you would have after four days, or fifty days of trainings AND I am hopeful that even after two-day training, you would have the skills to bring more ease and peace to your family life!

Q: Can I bring my children with me?

A: Babies-in-arms are welcome. My best guess about older babies (from crawling/cruising/becoming independently mobile age) and children is that it may be challenging to both be able to look after an older baby or child and get enough out of the course. A lot of the course are hands-on, practical activities and exercises that are effective for learning the skills. So to get enough out of the course, it helps to be able take part, which may be tricky whilst being a sole caregiver to an independently mobile baby or a child. I also would be a bit concerned whether an older child may get really bored or frustrated if they are at the course for most of the day. Having said that, many people who have older babies or children have done this course with someone else looking after the child. And then the parent and the child would reunite for the breaks. If this would make it difficult for you to attend the course, please get in touch with the course organiser, see below.

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