How to avoid caregiver’s burnout when you parent or look after a child with additional needs – with NVC skills

Is this course for me?

Are you looking after someone – a child or an adult – with additional needs? Do any of the following apply to you?

Have you ever felt utterly exhausted from how much there is to do in every day, day in, day out, and the buck stops with you? Perhaps, sometimes you dread unpredictability of these days and wonder what the next one will bring and whether you have what it takes to take care of everyone?

Have you ever felt like, with your child with additional needs, you are sailing uncharted seas, and you are supposed to know where to go… yet you may be at a loss? Unsure? Worried about taking the wrong turn and really wanting to do the right thing? Do you sometimes despair and doubt if things will actually get better?

Do you sometimes have the days that seem really rushed and endless, with all caregiving, appointments, treatments, exercises? And you end up with the day gone and, despite ALL that you did, feeling guilty that your other children or your husband – or parents – or friends – did not get much time with you?

Do you sometimes feel so TIRED that you can’t think of HOW you can find more energy to keep giving to your family? Have you ever felt as if the duration and relentlessness of labour involved drained the colours out of your life? Perhaps, even your health may be affected with the colds and coughs or stomach upsets or migraines (or take your pcik)? Do you find hard to make time for you to recharge and recuperate?

And do you also sometimes find that, with your life hard enough as is, without the unwanted advice from others who do not understand? Have you had enough of it and would you like to have more choice about what you and your child hear but don’t know how to handle this unwanted advice with calm and kindness?

IF your answer to any of the following is yes, would you like to hear about a different way?

There is a way to help prevent caregiver’s burnout, and to look after yourself when looking after the others: Nonviolent Communication, NVC ™ by Dr Marshall Rosenberg. Millions of people all over the world benefited from it already.

What can it do for me?

This course (with CNVC Certified Trainer, Olga Nguyen), can help you, too through supported learning, practise and coaching in developing skills :

  • To avoid burnout
  • To find more energy and joy in your life
  • To be able to navigate unexpected things and setbacks that we, as parents of children with additional needs may experience more often than the others
  • To be able to keep calmer and stronger, even in the eye of the storm
  • To be able to help our children feel calmer too
  • To be able to bring back more life and understanding into the relationships with our loved ones, in the middle of your life
  • To be able to stick up for yourself and your child when necessary – even when others do not understand, to start with!
  • More than anything else, to make sure there is more of YOU, your energy and presence, to go around!

The trainer is Olga Nguyen. Whilst everyone’s experience with additional needs is unique, she has walked some of the “parenting a child with additional needs” ground when:

  • mothering a child with sensory processing difficulties, and
  • offering NVC support to others who have additional needs, or whose children or loved ones do.

If you are curious, you can watch Olga’s talking about her experience in the below (short!) video.

When is it?
Sat 27 Feb and Sun 28 Feb. This may be the only course of this kind this year, and this is a unique opportunity to get those skills for more energy and calm for you and your family, whilst Olga is in Malaysia.

Where is it?
Amirs Gym, No8, perserian Damansara endah. Kuala Lumpur 50490. Bukit Damansara. Near ECM Libra building , Pietro Restaurant. Telephone No. 03-20110814

How much is the investment in learning these skills for LIFE?
The usual cost of such course can be 900-1200RM, whilst the cost of equivalent of the course hours of NVC support or learning one to one with Olga would be 4200RM!! At the same time, imagining extra costs you have already looking after your child, we’d love for you to have access to this for less… so that you get more ease and peace in daily life, soon.

So we are offering some discounted options, to make it doable for YOU:
1) Early Bird (EB) rate, paid in full: 650RM at the time of booking, paid by 10 FEB
2) “TWO together EB”, paid in full by 10 Feb (please provide BOTH names on booking): 1100RM for TWO
3) “EB instalments”: 750RM total, payable as: 1) 150RM non-refundable reg. fee payable on booking/before 10 Feb; 2) 300RM by 14 Feb latest 3) 21 Feb 300RM

I want to participate!

What if I want to book LATE?

We understand that sometimes, flexibility can be so important – and sometimes it is hard to know day to day what the day a few weeks away will be like. So we offer a few options for booking later:
4) STANDARD rate: 850RM for registrations/deposit payments between 11 Feb and 21 Feb
5) LATE BIRD rate RM900 payable BETWEEN 21 Feb and 27 Feb.

Why standard rate and late bird rate? We can offer lower rates earlier as a way to say thank you for earlier bookings that are easier for us to process, help us confirm the workshop, and help us in funding the workshop expenses. With the standard and late bird rates, whilst still giving felxibility to the participants, there is more work involved for us with registration and booking, less time available to reply to any queries, and the rates reflect the intensity of this extra work closer to the course.

I want to participate!

We are invested in your success, so we’d love to offer you as a BONUS, at no extra cost, after the end of the course, a group support Q&A session with Olga over Zoom (you can dial in from your phone or video call from your mobile). This is a gift worth 180RM.

MONEY-BACK guarantee
And to give you even more peace of mind, we offer you money-back guarantee (what you paid minus registration fee 150RM, that covers registration costs, venue and snacks). If you are not satisfied at the end of the course with what you received, we will refund you the money and suggest other avenues of learning if you want suggestions.

If you are confident that you want what this course may offer you and your family, we suggest that you book soon. As the spaces are limited, to make sure that everyone on the course gets enough support and attention from the trainer.

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