Free Babywearing Demonstrations

I would happily come over to your group locally for 40-minutes demonstration (in your group’s usual location). This may include, for example, a 10-15 presentation about optimal infant positioning in slings and babywearing safety, followed by a demonstration of one or two carrying positions in slings/baby carriers, and a short c.15 minute Q&A session.

The goals and outcomes of the demonstration is to see types of carriers being used and some of the possibilities, and answer some of your questions. Given the duration and the format of this offer, obviously, the learning outcome is just seeing the possibilities of babywearing and having a chance to ask questions to explore it further, rather than hands-on learning.

So, if your antenatal/postnatal/mother-and-baby group would like a free demo at your group’s usual space and time, please get in touch!

If your group is further away from Hebden Bridge (W Yorks) than 30 minutes, I may discuss beforehand with the group organiser the possibility of group donations, or other ways to contribute towards my cost of travel to your chosen location.

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