‘Compassionate Communication for Empowered Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond’ Saturday 26 May 2012, at BOSS Fair, Wigan

My hope for this talk has been to show many uses of Nonviolent Communication TM (NVC) for empowering parents, pregnancy and birth supporters (doulas, antenatal teachers, etc) and health professionals. We have used practical situations of those in the group to demonstrate how NVC as one of the skills can diffuse a situation and lead to greater connection, harmony and peace via effective, open, honest and empathic communication. I remember the heart-felt interest and curiousity and connection in the group with much warmth and appreciation.

Thank you so much Jennie for organising the fair and inviting me to offer this presentation, and thank you everyone who attended.

If you are interested in this topic and missed this talk, there is a shorter 30-minute talk with the same theme at York ‘Attached’ Fair on 8 July, 1.45-2.15pm.

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