About our Winter Holidays Babywearing Art and Postcards

I’d love to share here some background behind these cards
– hope you enjoy reading this :).

We Wish You A Murine Christmas!

“We Wish You A Murine Christmas!” Unless you are a purple mouse, or of murine persuasion otherwise, do not try it at home! Climbing the ladders to light the candles is not advisable whilst babywearing for those of us who are not Santa’s little helpers :). The colour scheme of the postcard has been inspired by my memories of a friend’s (you know who you are!) love for purple :).


“Snowman” This was drawn with the same brand of pencil that Raymond Briggs used for his Snowman :). The log cabin in the background reminded me of the houses that I used to draw as a child growing up in Russia – it was a surprise for me to recognise the shape emerging in the background of the postcard. I invite you to assume that it is not very cold in the picture and the baby is an older baby (given that an adult is not wearing a hat it must be reasonably mild if snowy 🙂 ): as we know, wearing a baby inside your jacket often means a baby benefiting from the adult’s body warmth.

Climbing down the chimneys leaves a lot of soot

”Climbing down chimneys leaves a lot of soot”. The image of a man babywearing whilst sweeping or washing the floors appeared in my head – once I started drawing, he (they!) turned out to wear a red hat and to be sweeping in the room with a decorated fir tree and wrapped presents underneath it :).

An advert for real fires

‘An advert for real fires’. This image started with an idea of how back carrying a baby would leave one’s hands free for carrying a pile of presents, knocking on the door (and saying HO-HO-HO! 🙂 ). The hat of the adult in the picture has been inspired by my memories of a hat that impersonators of Ded Moroz (literally, ‘Father Frost’) would wear in Russia for the Winter Holidays! Ded Moroz Granddaughter (‘Snegurochka’) must have stayed outside the frame – so it may be that this is the picture of the Granddad’s babywearing, whilst delivering presents.

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