CHECKLIST: “Is NVC for me?”

We invite you to give yourself one point for each “yes” answer. Then you can total up the points and see the score.

1. I am satisfied with how I look BOTH after my energy levels and well being AND after other important things in my life (e.g. children, my relationship with my spouse, work, extended family, helping others)
2. I am happy with how I help my children find win-wins when they have an argument or disagreement with friends or siblings
3. I am confident in my ability to find such solutions (be the point of content “gadgets”, or ”fast food” or anything else) that I do not have to nag and micromanage for the follow-through as everyone is on board with them.
4. I keep calm in the eye of the storm and rarely loose my cool.
5. When my toddler or older child screams or has a tantrum, I am able to help them get back to calm.
6. I am satisfied with how I deal with getting the urge to scream or shout at my children or other people in my life.
7. When there is a disagreement about something (be it “gadgets” or “fast food” or “learning”) between me and others in my family (my spouse, my parents, my in-laws or siblings), I am happy with how I deal with the disagreement, misunderstanding or conflict.
8. I am confident I can stick up for myself and my child, peacefully and without falling out with others!
9. I am happy with my ability to deal with others’ people’s anger or upset – kids or adults!
10. I do not take on more things (family or work) than I can cope with, and I am happy with how I can achieve things that I said I would do, in the agreed time!

Click here to see the SCORE :)… ENJOY!

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